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Client Service Manager



Customer Service
Western Cape, South Africa
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024


Kurtosys provides asset and wealth managers with a data and content publication platform that enables the construction and distribution of critical sales, marketing, and client reporting materials. Founded in 2002, Kurtosys operates across four global offices. Underpinned by global ISO-27001 certification in information security management, the Kurtosys team has a deep understanding of working at scale with data, information design, industry regulations and compliance issues.


The Client Service Manager (CSM) plays a crucial role in helping Kurtosys enhance the value we provide to our existing clients. This operational role involves managing multiple clients to address their post-go-live requirements, ensuring they receive a high standard of support and service across all Business As Usual (BAU) initiatives. It’s an exciting opportunity to engage with a global client base in a critical sector of the global economy.

Regular operational reviews are essential to keep clients informed about their post-go-live support and service requests. The CSM plays a key role in facilitating these discussions, which occur on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis, depending on the clients' needs and requirements. By taking excellent care of clients during this phase, this creates opportunities for Kurtosys to expand its servicing offerings to its clients.

As a Client Service Manager, you’ll also act as a lightweight project manager, overseeing all work within your clients’ BAU scope. Understanding client implementations is crucial to effectively discussing tactical and strategic changes to their implementations. The role also requires a thorough knowledge of Kurtosys’s platforms and sufficient technical knowledge to manage and coordinate system changes with various 1st line support and technical teams within BAU.


    Operational Review and Client Engagement:

    • As part of the operational review model we are working towards, it is essential to establish a consistent communication cadence with allocated clients.
    • The agreed client cadence involves holding meetings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to manage various items within business as usual (BAU). These items include, but are not limited to:
      • Support Ticket Review: Evaluate ongoing support tickets.
      • Change Request / Service Request Review: Discuss any change or service requests.
      • Detailing SOWs (Statements of Work): Provide updates on SOW progress.
      • Sprint Allocation: Allocate resources for upcoming sprints.
      • Jira Tickets for Communication: Utilize Jira tickets for efficient communication.
    • Before each meeting, thorough preparation is necessary to ensure accurate information is presented to the client during the call. Additionally:
      • Escalations: If any escalations arise during a client call, handle them appropriately (e.g., reach out to the Lead Client Service Manager or Relationship Manager).
      • Documentation: Document all client meetings in Confluence. During the client call, cover a summary of support tickets, ongoing CRs/SOWs, and any other relevant action items. Save this information alongside the client record in Salesforce/Confluence to maintain a centralized client history.
      • Follow-Up: Address follow-up items immediately after the meeting to maintain transparency with the Kurtosys Client.

    Change Requests and Statement of Work management:

    • When clients request changes to their documents, apps, or websites, effective management is crucial. The Client Service Manager (CSM) plays a key role in this process, following these steps:
      • Initial Communication: The CSM informs the client about the commercial aspect of the change request, considering their RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status and recent history with Kurtosys.
      • Negotiations: Negotiations may occur to arrive at an acceptable total amount. The CSM collaborates with the estimating team to simplify the solution or provides discounts (with confirmation from the Lead Client Service Manager, Head of Client Services, and Chief Operating Officer).
      • Agreement and Approval: Once an amount is agreed upon, the CSM captures the Change Request (CR) or Statement of Work (SOW) in Salesforce, following the latest process and guidelines.
      • Client Sign-Off: After the client signs off on the CR/SOW, the CSM sends it to an approved signatory within Kurtosys (usually the Head of Client Services).
      • Countersigning and Documentation: Upon countersigning, the CR/SOW is added to Salesforce and moved to the next stage for invoicing by the Finance team. The milestone is also activated in Salesforce, and the countersigned contract is sent to the client.
      • Ongoing Monitoring: The CSM ensures that the CR/SOW is executed according to the agreed timing with the client.
      • Revenue Recognition: Approval of the delivered change is communicated back into Salesforce (typically via a screenshot of an approval email) to recognize revenue.

    Regular Internal Client Reporting:

    • Provide consolidated RAG (Red, Amber, Green) status updates.
    • Update Salesforce with information related to client services and technology used with Kurtosys (excluding commercial details).
    • Ensure that client records on Salesforce remain up-to-date based on operational interactions with the client.
    • This includes updating personnel changes, tracking open/closed milestones, and other relevant details.
    • Collaborate with the Relationship Manager to keep the account information accurate.

    Client Satisfaction and Retention Management:

    • Ensuring client satisfaction is a primary responsibility of the Client Service Manager (CSM) at Kurtosys. The CSM must prioritize client needs, actively listen, and promptly address their requests.
    • The CSM is accountable for client satisfaction, which is measured through Net Promoter Score (NPS) and associated values.
    • Escalations should be handled in accordance with internal escalation procedures.


    • Client-Facing Experience: With over 5 years of experience in client-facing roles, I prioritize client needs above all else.
    • Problem-Solving Skills: As a critical thinker, I approach challenges with a positive attitude and effective communication.
    • Operational Excellence: I excel at multitasking, summarizing current items and their status for multiple clients, and conducting regular status calls. I am well-prepared for client interactions, ensuring they feel comfortable with my management of their needs at Kurtosys. Additionally, I follow up on specific points internally and provide feedback to clients.
    • Leadership Qualities: My high emotional intelligence drives teamwork, transparency, trust, and courage.
    • Effective Communication: I understand client requirements, learn technical concepts, translate them into practical business solutions, and communicate outcomes effectively.
    • Basic knowledge of running projects.


    • Effective client expectation management
    • Clear communication (internally and externally)
    • Timely risk and blocker identification
    • Independent task execution
    • Active participation in team initiatives (knowledge sharing, process improvements)
    • Contributions to team spirit
    • Strong time management and organisational skills
    • Proactive problem-solving abilities
    • Ability to handle multiple clients simultaneously
    • Basic project management skills
    • Effective stress management


    • Hybrid Working
    • Relaxed Dress Code
    • Open Culture
    • Flexible Work Hours
    • Employee Wellbeing Program
    • Generous Leave Policy
    • Ongoing Staff Appreciation Events
    • Access To Learning Platforms


    • We are an international SaaS based fintech company
    • We work with up to date technology, promote from within wherever possible, and encourage our team members to use initiative, think out the box and share their ideas.
    • We aim to transform how our customers - which includes the world's most prestigious financial services firms - drive engagement with their audiences.
    • Our aim is to give our customers the ability to target, knowledge share and nurture their community of prospects and clients to develop long standing relationships.

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