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Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Espoo, Finland
Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Who are we?

ICEYE is an International New Space company headquartered in Finland with colleagues from over 57 countries. Our team is a tight-knit group of experts across many disciplines (e.g., engineering, software development, radar technology, etc.). We’re innovative, driven people who strive for excellence in everything we do. Teamwork, curiosity, and having fun are core values to Making the impossible possible in New Space. Join our team today!

ICEYE is building and operating its commercial constellation of small Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites with SAR data available to customers. Our satellites acquire images of Earth at any time – even when it’s cloudy or dark – providing commercial and government partners with unmatched persistent monitoring capabilities. Information derived from our SAR images helps customers make data-driven decisions to address time-critical challenges in various sectors, such as maritime, disaster management, insurance, and finance.

ICEYE Analytics is looking for an experienced end-to-end software engineer with a special interest in data management, having qualities such as:

  • Cross cutting skills for implementing fault tolerant applications, quality assurance, cloud infrastructure management, operations, and overarching security.
  • Comprehensive experience in data management and data processing models in general, relational databases in particular.
  • Preference towards applications being developed from idea to concept to reality by a single end-to-end team.
  • Motivation to be a force multiplier within the team by sharing one’s knowledge and contributing to the evolution of working practices.
  • Being a great team player in general!

Who is ICEYE Analytics and what are we looking for?

ICEYE Analytics is responsible for building solutions that enable near-real-time assessment of the impact of global natural catastrophes and geophysical change using remote sensing technology. These solutions empower end users to quantitatively make timely actions for event characterization, assessment, and response during stressful and uncertain times.

About the role

As a Senior Software Engineer at ICEYE, you will be a pivotal force in our Analytics software team. With your rich professional background, you will not only enhance our team's capabilities but also serve as a catalyst in promoting software excellence, efficient execution, and collaborative innovation. Your role involves architecting and crafting top-notch software services, infrastructure, and products, utilizing your deep end-to-end engineering expertise.

Your influence at ICEYE will be profound. By ensuring the development and delivery of superior software products and services, you will directly contribute to the security, reliability, and scalability of our solutions. Your role is crucial in navigating technical frontiers, fostering technological adoption, and integrating industry trends and customer insights. Your efforts will be instrumental in generating groundbreaking ideas, either paving the way for new product lines or significantly advancing our existing portfolio.

Join us in shaping the future at ICEYE, where your expertise not only drives progress but also transforms the way we view and interact with the world through our technology.

What will you do in this role?

  • You will develop and improve product-related platforms and services for Natural Catastrophe Solutions Products
  • You will implement scalable data pipelines and cloud storage solutions to interact with heavy, multidimensional geospatial data
  • You will build the services on our AWS data infrastructure
  • Create and enhance common practices and share knowledge with Software Engineers in our domain and in the product teams
  • Drive and encourage technical strategy from a software best practice perspective