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Flipside Crypto
Flipside Crypto


Boston, MA, USA


Flipside enables blockchains to live up to their full potential, by decoding and explaining blockchain behaviors. Our proprietary process extracts all of the data from blockchains and applies labels to transactions in order to identify and understand on-chain behaviors. The data is then streamed into our Business Intelligence Dashboards, to provide a clear view of real-time stakeholder behaviors and all asset flows. Flipside Crypto allows crypto communities to create and share data-driven insights on the projects they care most about. Flipside powers Community-Enabled Analytics, which uses a bounty program to incentivize on-demand insights based on feedback from the protocol and community itself. CEA provides fully pre-modeled and labeled data, a SQL interface for data queries. Community members can use our dashboard and visualization tools to easily share insights, or leverage our auto-generated API endpoints to build whatever they can imagine.

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