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Our mission is to operationalize direct-from-consumer data. Fairing is the technology company closing the loop on what gives DTC brands their competitive advantage: customer relationships. The days of blazing a customer acquisition trail led by overbearing 3rd parties are over. Sustainable growth is the evergreen model: it means transitioning to a privacy-first, participatory and proprietary data model. Our core product is Question Stream™: an always-on data stream of customer questions and proprietary insights, generating millions of actionable responses per month for 1,500 of Shopify’s fastest-growing brands. Personalization, segmentation, CX & CRO -- we take the value of one-off research surveys and streamline its data to integrate across the martech stack. Fairing is an engineering-led and highly iterative organization; we hire on merit and give you a seat at the table from day one. We leverage the power of Elixir and OTP to build out a reliable, well-tested platform so our engineers can operate with a real sense of autonomy backed by shared accountability.
New York, NY, USA
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