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Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2024

PLG Designer

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Chameleon is SaaS for product teams to create in-product UX (modals, banners, checklists, microsurveys etc.) to drive user engagement. Watch a short demo here.
We’re a remote-first, Series A, VC-backed startup and currently ~40 folks distributed across the Americas and Europe. Learn more about our team, company, and culture here.
Seeking a new PLG Designer that leans towards visual and interaction design and loves talking to and helping people (customers with their PLG experiments)
Located (permanently living) in the US , Canada ​
Salary range for this role is $70k - $100k USD annually, based on experience
Our application process may seem different — we think interviewing isn’t the best way for either party to assess fit, so we try to resemble working together and collaborating.

The PLG Designer role at Chameleon

The software world is rapidly transitioning to self-serve and product-led models. More users are evaluating tools by trying them, without talking to humans, so companies need a way to onboard, activate, nudge, guide users in-product quickly and intelligently.
Chameleon helps customers create personalized, dynamic experiences (e.g. modals, slideouts, banners, tooltips, checklists etc.) that sit over and within their web applications, without needing engineering to build these patterns in-house.
A crucial component to get success with these in-app experiences is good design (visuals, copy, interactions etc.) If we can help customers improve their designs then they’ll generate better results and be happier with Chameleon.
We also want to better learn what’s preventing customers more easily succeeding on their own; how we could productize good design by default, and where we should focus our product energy.
That’s where our PLG Designer comes in!

What your day might include

Help prospects evaluating Chameleon set up their styles and templates to create beautiful looking in-product experiences from the beginning
Offer advice and best practices to new customers onboarding with Chameleon, including giving them ideas for experiments or feedback on their creations
Monitor what customers are creating with Chameleon and proactively reach out to give feedback or suggestions
Speak to lots of customers to better understand product pain points and issues and work with product team to help ship improvements (i.e. customer development; UX research)
Stay up to date with the latest UI patterns and PLG practices in SaaS
Coach the sales and CSM teams on design best practices, custom CSS, PLG principles etc.
Support creation of visual assets (external/internal) needed to showcase Chameleon to prospects and customers
Be involved in product design reviews with the product team
Participate in all internal Customer Success meetings (you will formally be a part of this team, although you will also work closely with the product team)

Skills and experience that will aid success in this role

3+ years in a product design role, ideally including work on growth experiments
1+ years working at a startup (<50 employees)
Very familiar with SaaS UI patterns and the PLG motion
Proficient in CSS (or willing to become quickly)
Interest in user research theory and practice
Enjoys helping people; extroverted and comfortable initiating outreach to people
A curious and continuous learner. You’re always looking to improve and grow.


This reports to CS with a dotted line to Product; how will that work?
What would be the responsibility for creating product designs for new features?

Key benefits for this role

Salary range for this role is $70k - $100k USD annually, based on experience and amount of early-stage equity
High-quality standards, regular feedback, and opportunities to help you grow quickly
Flexible work hours and generous time off, plus no-meeting Fridays! ​
New MacBook and budget for home office equipment
Allowance for mindfulness/meditation app subscription
Work with some of the best product people in the world as customers
Fully-paid international team retreats (next one in first week of May!)
Chameleons are all different and uniquely beautiful. They change and aren't required to associate or identify with any specific labels. We welcome the chance to get to know you and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. That's what helps us all grow and evolve.

Context on our team and product

Our product team is ~10 Engineers, 3 QAs, 2 designers (Valentin, Russ), 1 PM and our founders (Pulkit & Brian). We are building the best product in our category and are shipping great functionality, (see this or our LinkedIn page).
We raised a Series A in 2022 after years of bootstrapped and sustainable growth, so are in a financially strong position. We have never conducted layoffs and believe in thoughtful hiring through forecasting.
It’s a great time to join as we have achieved product-market fit, established the fundamentals of operating as a product team, and work with over 300 outstanding teams, such as Twilio Segment, Mixpanel, Fivetran, Salesloft, Chili Piper, and more. View some of our case studies here!
Watch a quick demo of our product below:

What to expect from the hiring process

Each person that joins our team leaves a major impact on our product, culture, and trajectory. It's critical our team consists of people who are the best at what they do, but also passionate about our objectives and space.
Our hiring process is designed to give you a taste of working at Chameleon as a PLG Designer so you can reliably decide whether this is the perfect role for you or not!

Key milestones ​

Read this document and determine if this could be a good fit for you ​
Application (~15 mins; form here) This application won't be like the rest - it won't be boring or robotic. It will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills in a way that goes beyond submitting your resume. Plus, it'll help us get back to you quickly if we decide to move forward!
First interview (30 mins) We’ll begin to get to know each other and give you space to ask questions you have. The goal is to assess work style dynamics and communication.
Design activity (~1 hr async) We will collaborate on a well-scoped task that resembles the actual work you’re likely to do at Chameleon, incl. using common tools (e.g. Figma, Docs). This should give you a much better sense of the role and working with us, and vice-versa.
Second Interview (45 mins) If your work product stood out, we’ll spend time debriefing and discussing it live, and have more conversation for us to mutually assess fit.
Offer We'll give you a call to provide you details of your offer and hopefully agree on your start date!


We expect to reply to you within ~1 week of you submitting the application form IF we are interested in setting up a call.
From the short chat to the offer should take ~3 weeks. If we do not move forward with you in any of the stages past the application, you can expect a response with some feedback.
Once we agree on the offer, we hope you can begin as soon as possible!
It's important for us to learn from our mistakes and to uncover our blind spots. If you found anything in this application process unclear, inaccurate, misleading, inappropriate, or if you have suggestions for improvements then please let us know! Email us at [email protected]